Your Voice

Every single one of us has a voice. Find out how to make sure it is heard.

Your Voice

As a service we want to make sure that all young people are aware that they have a voice, and that this voice should be listened to. Please find below some different ways of ensuring your voice is heard.

Jersey Youth Parliament

Forty young people aged between 12 and 18 are required for the Youth Parliament which has been set up by Jersey Youth Service.

It has been launched in response to the Independent Care Inquiry and will enable young people to campaign on issues that matter to them with the aim of getting the States Assembly to endorse their policies and bring about real change in the Island.

Members will be in post for 18 months and will meet on a monthly basis. The first sitting of the Youth Parliament will be held in the States Assembly in February during which members will decide which three policies they will campaign on during their term of office.

They will then research their policies in smaller groups and gather the views of other young people before compiling a presentation which they will give to the Minister for Children and Housing and any other relevant Minister.

This will be a great opportunity to get your voice heard on what changes you want made within Jersey.

Please click on this link to sign up – Jersey Youth Parliament

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Jersey Children's Commissioner

Deborah McMillan is the first Children’s Commissioner for Jersey, her role is focused on the promotion and protection of children’s rights underpinned by the UNCRC.
In addition to encouraging and supporting all schools in Jersey to become Rights Respecting Schools, Mrs McMillan has promised all children and young people in Jersey that she will:
  • Support children and young people to find out about children’s rights.
  • Listen to children and young people to find out what’s important to them.
  • Advise children, young people and those who care for them if they’ve got nowhere else to go with their problems.
  • Influence government and other organisations who say they’re going to make a difference to children’s lives, making sure they keep their promises to children and young people.
  • Speak up for children and young people on important issues – being the children’s champion.

The UNCRC is an agreement written by the member countries of the United Nations. It lists over 40 rights that belong to children and young people and is part of international law. You can read a summary of these rights by clicking on the following link Children’s rights.

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Compliments, Comments, Complaints

At the YES Project we value your feedback and want to hear what you think.

You can tell us about your experience within the Jersey Youth Service, your experience with other agencies or just tell us about something that you have seen or has happened to you.

Whether or not it is a compliment, comment or complaint, we will listen to what you have to say. You should never be scared to speak out, no matter what it is.

You can tell us in multiple different ways:

  • In person – come to our drop-in Monday-Friday 12-6pm
  • By phone – call our freephone on 0800 7350010 or 01534 280530
  • By text – send us a message on 07797 778424 via text or WhatsApp
  • By email – email us via
  • By social media – message us on Facebook @JerseyYouthService
  • Use our confidential postcard drop boxes in our projects
  • By our contact forms on this website

Recommended Resources

Island Identity Project Consultation

The Government of Jersey are currently running an Island Identity Project, which is currently open for Consultation. As part of the consultation they are really keen to listen to and amplify the voices of young Islanders. Please see the link below to access and take part in the consultation should you wish for your voice to be heard:

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