Do You Know Your Rights?

Knowing your rights as a young person is really important - find out more here

Know Your Rights

In 1989 The Convention of Children's rights was created. This basically means that countries decided what you as a young person or child are entitled to.

This set of rights has changed the way children are viewed and treated – i.e., as human beings with a distinct set of rights instead of as passive objects of care and charity.

The unprecedented acceptance of the Convention clearly shows a wide global commitment to advancing children’s rights.

What are rights?

“Rights” are things every child should have or be able to do.

All children have the same rights. These rights are listed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Almost every country has agreed to these rights. All the rights are connected to each other, and all are equally important.

Sometimes, we have to think about rights in terms of what is best for children in a situation, and what is critical to life and protection from harm. As you grow, you have more responsibility to make choices and exercise your rights.

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Employment Law for Under 16's

The Children’s (Regulation of Employment) Order governs how and where young people can be employed, whether they are being paid or not. It applies to people under 16 years old.

The law was brought in to help make sure that working children have the correct balance between their work and school life.

It’s about protecting you as a young person and is not intended to make working life difficult for you or your employer.

For more information and details of the law please click on the link below.

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Employment Law for 16 & Over

Once you turn 16 in Jersey you are counted as an adult in terms of employment law. This means that you have the same rights as any adults in the workplace.

Knowing what you are entitled to, how you should be treated and what the company has to provide is really important as it keeps both you and your employer safe.

If you are unsure about contract types, your pay or anything in-between feel free to drop into The Link and speak to one of our youth advisors. If we can’t help you we will find someone that can.


Jersey also has a dedicated advisory service called JAC’s (Jersey Advisory Conciliation service). They can help advise you on contracts and provide support on changes in the workplace.

To contact JAC’s

Call: 01534 730 503

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When am I able to start voting in Jersey?

From the age of 16 years a young person who has lived in Jersey for last 2 years or the last 6 months plus any other period(s) living in Jersey which total five years then, regardless of your nationality, you can vote in elections.

Do you understand how voting works in Jersey?

Go on to the link below and watch the ‘One Day’ play which is a joint venture between Love Theatre and aiming to engage and encourage young people to vote.

‘One Day’ Play



Are you registered?

To be able to vote at a Public Election you must be registered to vote.

To register you can download the form and hand it into your parish hall.


You can now register online to vote. The online form is simple to do and doesn’t take long.

For more information see below

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